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Self Expression

A self expression piece created with acrylic paint, ink, and colored pencil.

Color Wheel

A hand painted color wheel used for reference with other painting pieces.

Value and Intensity Chart

Like the color wheel, this chart was used as reference for the other projects and was hand painted. 

Chromatic Greys

A piece using complementary colors to create chromatic grays. 

Unstable Grid

A 7 x 7 inch acrylic painting creating an unstable grids with analogous colors. 

Stable Grid

A 7 x 7 inch acrylic painting creating a stable grid with analogous colors.

Pop Surrealism

Inspired by early pop surrealism pieces, this is a collage creating an abstract image using pieces taken from various National Geographic magazines.

Pattern and Rhythm

This is a 10 x 10 inch acrylic painting using a mixed color not found on the color wheel. The piece attempts to create the illusion of movement.


Three hand painted grayscales ranging from off-white to black.

Form and Composition

A 5 x 5 inch collage pieced made with black construction paper, creating a stable and unstable design.

High and Low Key

Two 5 x 5 inch paintings experimenting with high and low key values of the same colors.


A painting made by abstracting an apple and forming composition out of minute details in and out of the fruit.

Complementary Grid

A 5 x 5 inch grid created with complementary colors.

Analogous Grid

A 5 x 5 inch grid created with analogous colors.

Color Effect

A series of acrylic paintings experimenting with using color to effect the perception of an off-white reference piece. 

Mix and Match

A series creating a composition with collage pieces and then recreating the collage with acrylic paint. 

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